McLaren to debut new Grand Tourer on May 15<br>

McLaren to debut new Grand Tourer on May 15

The birth of the McLaren GT is only a week away.

McLaren has officially started the countdown to the debut of its all-new Grand Tourer, known simply as the McLaren GT.

Last month McLaren announced that it would be revealing the GT piece by piece until the car's official unveiling sometime in May. On Tuesday, McLaren not only gave us another piece of the puzzle, but when we can expect it to be completed -- May 15.

McLaren's latest teaser images shows the rear end of the new GT. Although devoid of camouflage, the car is cloaked in darkness, so it's difficult to get an accurate idea of what the GT will actually look like. However, we can clearly see a set of horizontal taillights in place of McLaren's typically curvy rear light design, as well as a pair of dual exhaust outlets.

McLaren is keeping tight lipped about the GT's details until its unveiling next Wednesday, but the automaker promises the grand tourer will "redefine the rules of the Grand Tourer segment, introducing renowned McLaren engineering and dynamic attributes alongside high-quality materials and exceptional comfort.”

The GT will be positioned alongside McLaren's current Sports and Super Series vehicles.