McLaren considering 2+2 to follow grand tourer

McLaren considering 2+2 to follow grand tourer

A 2+2 isn't already in the company's Track 25 roadmap but CEO Mike Flewitt says "it's doable."

McLaren has dropped another hint that a 2+2 might eventually be added to the lineup.

An executive in 2016 said the company was considering a more family-oriented model that could have a 2+2 layout, essentially stretching an existing car to accommodate the extra seating row.

Speaking to Autocar, CEO Mike Flewitt cautioned that a 2+2 is not yet in the company's Track 25 roadmap of 18 new vehicles by 2025, though he left open the possibility of changing the strategy to include such an offering.

"I wouldn't rule out one day doing at least a 2+2," he said. "It's doable, so we'll look at it."

In the meantime, McLaren will bridge the gap with a more dedicated grand tourer (pictured) that was teased for the Geneva Motor Show. The car is expected to be much more comfort-focused than the modestly modified 'GT' variants such as the 570GT.

Flewitt suggested solid-state batteries could make it easier to package a downsized mid-engine powertrain and extra seats, though he does not expect the as-yet-unproven technology to be ready until 2023-2025.