McLaren: "Nothing cool" about SUVs

The company does not plan to follow Lamborghini, Ferrari and others into the segment.

McLaren has reaffirmed its lack if interest in the SUVs as rivals Ferrari and Bugatti indicate plans to follow Lamborghini and Bentley into the segment.

Speaking to CarSales, McLaren Sports Series director Darren Goddard said "there's nothing cool about an SUV" and the British marque consequently plans to keep its lineup filled with cars alone.
"They are all just chasing volume," he added. "It's not pure."
The company admits that a McLaren-badged SUV would likely be successful, as demonstrated by the Porsche Cayenne/Macan and Lamborghini Urus. The British supercar builder could expect sales to more than double to 15,000 units annually, though the company is currently satisfied with a production cap of just 6,000 cars.
McLaren faces a much higher investment than Volkswagen Group presumably paid to share a platform between the Cayenne, Bentayga and Urus, requiring an entirely new architecture than the current carbon mono-cell that underpins its performance cars.
Rather than spending development dollars on an SUV, McLaren is apparently focused on bringing an EV to market. For now, however, the current state of battery technology does not have the right range-to-weight ratio for a track-focused model.

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