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McLaren reportedly building a car based on Vision Gran Turismo concept

by Ben Hsu

If true, the car would be a race car for the street.

McLaren is reportedly mulling a real-life version of the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept, originally designed for a video game.

A few people claiming to be involved with the project have posted on Instagram references to a car called the BC-03. BC in this context probably stands for McLaren's Bespoke Commissions division, which builds one-off requests for their most elite customers. But what could it be?

Well, PistonHeads is reporting that the BC-03 is "expected to use McLaren's 1,150hp hybrid Vision GT concept as a blueprint." That car was created for the Gran Turismo racing simulator for Playstation, and was released for the game a year ago. According to McLaren's description at the time, the car utilized a 4-Liter V8 Twin Turbo engine and two electric motors mounted in the pontoons in the front wheels. Carbon fiber construction was used throughout to shear weight down to 2,205 lbs. It was designed so the driver lies in a supine position, similar to that of an F1 driver.

PistonHeads says it was able to confirm the BC-03 was under way, but how it is related to the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is not exactly clear. The response from McLaren said "BC-03 is a bespoke customer commission being created by McLaren Special Operations,' but it withheld any details 'because the specifics of the project are confidential between MSO and its client."

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