Mercedes planning SLR revival?

A new trademark filing suggests Mercedes could be planning a new SLR.

A new trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggests Mercedes-Benz could be considering a revival of one of its most iconic supercars.

Earlier this month Mercedes filed paperwork with the USPTO to protect the SLR name for use on "land vehicles and structural parts thereof.” For those that need a quicker refresher, Mercedes last used the SLR name on a front-engined supercar that was co-developed with McLaren and sold from 2003-2010.

Of course it's difficult to make any direct conclusions from Mercedes' trademark filing, which was first discovered by The Drive. Automakers routinely protect past nameplates even if they have no plans to resurrect them. And in this particular case, Mercedes' claim to the SLR name was set to expire next year.

But there is some speculation that Mercedes will use the SLR for its AMG GT successor. The AMG GT is entering its fourth model year, which means its like on the back nine in terms of its lifecycle. The SLR name is still well known and would make for a logical GT replacement.

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