Faulty differential bolt prompts Mercedes-Benz EQC recall

A broken bolt could become lodged within the differential.

Mercedes-Benz has already launched a recall for its new EQC after discovering a problem with a bolt in the front differential-transmission unit.

"Daimler AG has determined that on certain EQC vehicles the bolt in the front axle differential transmission might not meet durability specifications. Thus, it cannot be ruled out, that the bolt breaks over lifetime," the company said in a statement, as quoted by Automotive News Europe.
A failure can potentially interfere with torque delivery to the front wheels or become jammed in the drive unit, which could make it difficult to control the vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz has not disclosed how many vehicles are affected by the campaign. The number may be fairly small, as the all-electric crossover is still in the early stages of production ramp-up and is not yet available in the US market.

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