Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS showcases futuristic design, technology

The EQS represents the German luxury brand's vision for an electric flagship sedan.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its latest design study, the Vision EQS, representing a look at the future of all-electric sedans.

The car takes the company's EQ styling to the extreme, with a massive illuminated faux grille and glowing blue accent lines throughout the interior.
The Vision EQS appears to take inspiration from the F 015 concept that debuted in CES four years ago. Both share futuristic styling, a long wheelbase, tiny overhangs, and an interior focused on autonomy. The EQS embraces battery power, however, while the F 015 was presented as a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz says the EQS can cruise for up to 435 miles on a single charge. Its electric motors deliver 469 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, enabling a launch to 60 mph in around 4.5 seconds.
The German automaker is aspiring to have a CO2-neutral new car fleet in just 20 years. The company has not committed to making a production car that closely resembles the EQS as part of its sustainability plan, though some of the design elements could be toned down for an electric flagship sedan at some point down the road.

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