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Mercedes predicts strong demand for GLA crossover

by Drew Johnson

It could be tough to find a GLA this year.

Mercedes-Benz expects its compact GLA crossover to be in hot demand when it lands in dealer showrooms this fall.

After receiving far more interest in its compact CLA sedan than expected, Mercedes is calling for booming demand for its upcoming GLA utility vehicle. The compact utility market is one of the hottest going right now, with the GLA representing Mercedes' first entrant into the segment.

Dealers agree that the GLA could be a better seller than the popular CLA.

"Dealers feel there is a lot more potential in that car," Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, told Automotive News. "It could be hotter -- the feedback is phenomenal."

That popularity could result in shortages of the GLA on dealer lots.

Mercedes hasn't announced pricing for the GLA, but the compact crossover will undercut the $38,405 GLK. The GLA is expected to command a higher price than the $30,825 CLA, however.

The GLA will initially launch with all-wheel drive, but cheaper front-wheel drive models will eventually join the mix. Mercedes-Benz will also launch a high-performance GLA AMG model that was previewed at the recent Detroit auto show.

Photo by Mark Elias.

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