After crash, car expels bad driver, decides to "park itself"

Perhaps autonomous cars are already here and we didn\'t even know it.

On the mean streets of Russia, a car has taken its owner's bad driving into its own hands.

Famous for its chaotic traffic, plethora of poorly built cars from the Soviet days, and numerous cameras, Russia is a hotbed of bizarre car accidents. A simple search on YouTube will reveal a whole cottage industry built on compiling dash-cam footage of sphincter-clenching wrecks.

The latest one shows a Lada making an inadvisable blind left in front of a visibility-obscuring truck and across two lanes of busy traffic. That's when a Mercedes S-Class comes flying through, smashing into the Lada and symbolizing capitalist thugs stomping on the proletariat.

The impact spins the Lada around, and the occupant is unceremoniously dumped out onto the snowy pavement at low speed. Unmoored, the Lada then continues to roll into the parking lot of a nearby shop, sliding perfectly into an available parking space. Fortunately for everyone, occupants of the Lada and Mercedes both seem to be shaken up but otherwise okay.

In Soviet Russia, car parks you!

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