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Survey shows Mercedes, Infiniti drivers have highest interest in autonomous cars

by Ben Hsu

However, most drivers, regardless of brand, are still wary.

When you look at other cars on the road, do you wonder which of your fellow drivers are most wishing they were doing something else? In a new survey published this month, the answer is Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti drivers.

The survey, conducted by MaritzCX, asked 12,353 vehicle owners about their thoughts on autonomous cars. As reported in Bloomberg, about 27 percent of Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti owners say that are "very interested" in purchasing a fully autonomous car should they become available. That's more than any the owners of other brand surveyed.

For comparison, about 14 percent of BMW owners said they were "very interested" in the technology. Ram owners were the least likely to buy a self-driving car, with only about 6 percent saying they were "very interested." Jeep owners also ranked low, at about 8 percent.

Porsche owners ranked third in the numbers of those who would not relinquish control of their cars, with 57 saying they weren't interested in self-driving cars. However, 22 percent of Porsche owners said they were "very interested," not too far behind Mercedes and Infiniti.

To be fair, however, most people were still hesitant to let go of the wheel completely. A full 94 percent of those surveyed said they were aware that self-driving cars were on the horizon, but nearly 48 percent aren't interested in buying one. Even among Mercedes and Infiniti owners, those who aren't interested outnumber those who are.

Live image by Ben Hsu.

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