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Maybach to get 'next-level' camera-assisted suspension

by Justin King

The company has also outlined a new chauffer drive mode that minimizes gearshifts for a smooth ride.

Mercedes-Maybach has announced several innovations that promise to make the luxury brand's upcoming vehicles even more plush for back-seat passengers.

Not satisfied with Mercedes-Benz's innovative Magic Body Control system, Maybach has upgraded the camera-based active suspension to achieve 'next level' performance.

"So we have better information from rough roads so that drivers can slide over the road," Maybach engineering chief Ju?rgen Weissinger says, as quoted by Autocar.

The company is also considering hybrid and electric powertrain technology. Expecting customers to maintain interest in the brand's 12-cylinder engines in the near term, engineers are currently exploring how to add an electric motor in the gearbox without downsizing to a V8 or immediately pursuing a pure battery-powered EV.

Even without an electric motor to smooth out torque delivery, the company has developed a new drive mode that remaps shift programming to mesh with the particular driving style of a skilled chauffeur.

"We're making a special drive programme, which means the gearchanges don't happen too often so that the chauffeur can drive in a very comfortable, luxury way," Weissinger said.

Autocar speculates the new features could make their first appearance in the Maybach GLS, rumored to be heading to the Los Angeles Auto Show late this year.

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