BMW exec: MINI EV's 140-mile range 'sweet spot' for urban cars

The company is hoping the MINI Electric outsells the controversial BMW i3.

BMW Group apparently has high hopes for the all-electric MINI Cooper SE.

The MINI Electric's modest range of 124-140 miles (via Europe's WLTP test cycle) and slower acceleration than the Chevrolet Bolt raised a few eyebrows. The lackluster specs have even been cited in explanations of BMW CEO Harald Krueger's apparent ouster for falling behind on an EV strategy.

Speaking at a press event, BMW production chief Oliver Zipse, rumored to be Krueger's successor as chief executive, argued that the MINI Electric's range is actually perfect for filling a specific niche.

"It's an urban car and 140 miles is exactly on the sweet spot," he said, as quoted by Automotive News Europe. "There are not so many electric cars in that price range."

The company has not yet announced pricing for the US market or an EPA range estimate. The Cooper SE is expected to arrive in European showrooms early next year.

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