MINI Cooper SE available for pre-order in US market

The all-electric MINI will arrive in March.

MINI has opened pre-orders for the Cooper SE in the US market after receiving more than 15,000 reservations abroad.

The brand's first all-electric model is scheduled to arrive in American showrooms by March 2020, with a starting price of $31,750 before tax credits or other state-level EV incentives.

The Cooper SE is not among the longest-range EVs, with a projected EPA range of just 110 miles. The press release notes that 80 percent of MINI households have two or more vehicles, apparently explaining why the company is not worried that a relatively short range will dissuade target buyers that already own internal-combustion cars for longer drives.

A smaller battery helps keep the price down, while the 3,153-pound curb weight would also rise steeply with a larger pack on board. The EV can hit 60 mph in a modest 6.9 seconds and tops out at 93 mph.

The Cooper SE arrives as competition heats up in the EV market. It remains to be seen if the electric MINI will help the brand reverse years of sales declines associated with a shift to crossovers.

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