Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Concept boasts 480 horsepower

The Tokyo Auto Salon concept could augur the limited edition send-off model.

Mitsubishi has revealed some specifics about what could be the final edition Lancer Evolution X that will send off the sports sedan when it ends production next year.

The clues come in form of Mitsubishi's announcement of its roster for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, an aftermarket equipment show that rivals SEMA for sheer spectacle. Among the lineup is what the company is calling the Lancer Evolution X Final Concept, based on the 5-speed trasmission-equiped GSR model.

The concept adds an HKS turbo, a modified intake, exhaust, fuel system, cooling system and ECU, resulting in a whopping 480 horsepower. This tops the already impressive 291hp for US market cars, though Japanese market versions are rated at 296hp. Whether this will translate to the production version of the final Evo X, limited to 2,000 units next year, is unknown.

Other Mitsubishis on display at the Auto Salon will include an Outlander PHEV Sport Style Edition Concept B, which is basically a blacked out version of the plug-in hybrid SUV. A race Outlander PHEV that competed in the Asia Cross Country Rally will also be on display as well. They will also be joined by a Delica D:5 4WD van customized in collaboration with Keen hiking boots.

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