Mitsubishi teases Mi-Tech hybrid SUV concept

The buggy has four electric motors and a gasoline turbine generator.

Mitsubishi has released a teaser rendering for the Mi-Tech, a plug-in hybrid off-road concept.

The SUV appears to follow the idea behind Volkswagen's ID Buggy, with a compact footprint and seating for two occupants beneath an open top. Mitsubishi's concept adopts a more modern design language, however, and opts for a hybrid powertrain rather than a pure electric setup.
The PHEV system features a gasoline turbine generator and a "Quad Motor with Dual Motor AYC" configuration that places an electric motor at each wheel for optimum torque distribution.
The off-roader is designed for autonomous operation and displays sensor information into an augmented-reality windshield.
The Mi-Tech will be revealed later this month in Tokyo.

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