Mitsubishi shows Mi-Tech Concept

The quirky compact two-seater is essentially Mitsubishi's answer to the Volkswagen ID Buggy.

Mitsubishi has brought its Mi-Tech Concept to the Tokyo Motor Show, presenting a design study for a two-seat buggy with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The boldly styled Mi-Tech features the brand's signature Dynamic Shield design language on the front end, with T-shaped headlights and an overall boxy form with rounded corners.
The concept is powered by a compact gas turbine generator, offering advantages over a traditional piston engine in terms of size and weight. The turbine can also run on a wide variety of fuels including diesel, kerosene and alcohol.
A quad-motor all-wheel-drive system places an electric motor at each wheel, allowing instant torque management at each corner when driving on uneven or slippery surfaces.
Unlikely to ever see production, the Mi-Tech essentially serves as a quirky PHEV alternative to Volkswagen's all-electric ID Buggy concept.

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