Nissan launches third recall campaign for Altima hood latch

Some service technicians may have botched the fix outlined in two previous recalls.

Nissan has issued its third recall campaign to fix faulty hood latches on its Altima sedan.

The problems center around the redundant system that should prevent the hood from flying open if the primary latch fails or is accidentally left unsecured. It is unclear if any failures have contributed to accidents.

The first campaign listed approximately 220,000 vehicles, while another 625,000 were added early last year after the company discovered "a number of incidents" in a broader range of cars from the 2013-2015 model years.

The company initially suggested the components were prone to malfunction if paint flakes off and allows the metal to rust, eventually causing the secondary latch to become stuck in the open position. Service technicians had been instructed to inspect, adjust and lubricate the parts to restore proper function, however the interim remedy appears to have failed in some cases.

Vehicles will now receive an entirely new latch, presumably of revised design, with repairs beginning sometime next month.

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