Carlos Ghosn says arrests tied to 'conspiracy' and 'backstabbing'

The video was shot just hours before the executive was re-arrested.

Lawyers representing former Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn have released a video claiming his arrests are tied to a conspiracy rather than legitimate charges of wrongdoing.

"If you are listening to me through this video today, it means that I was not able to make the press conference that I planned for April 11," he says in the segment.

The disgraced executive argues that he is innocent of all charges, which are "biased, taken out of context" and "twisted" to create a personnage of greed and dictatorship.

"The third point that I want to tell you is that this is a conspiracy. This is not about specific events," he adds. "This is not about, again, greed. This is not about dictatorship. This is about a plot. this is about conspiracy. This is about back-stabbing. That's what we're talking about."

The video was reportedly filmed just hours before he was re-arrested on charges of misappropriating company funds for business use, using Nissan money to buy a yacht and invest in a startup founded by his son.

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