Nissan finally readying next-gen Frontier for US

The company\'s Mississipi factory will presumably be tasked with building an adaptation of the global-market Navara.

Nissan is finally readying a next-generation Frontier for the US market.

The second-generation Frontier has languished on the market for nearly 13 years, while global markets have been treated to a third-generation model, sold as the Navara, for three years already.

Highlighting the US Frontier's age, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently placed the pickup at the bottom of the midsize pack with a 'marginal' small-overlap rating. The second-generation model entered production years before the small-overlap test was introduced in 2012.

Nissan has now confirmed that the next-generation Frontier will be built in Mississippi. Such announcements typically indicate production plans within the next few years, however the company did not reference a timeframe for building the new pickup.

The Frontier faces increasing competitive pressure as the new Honda Ridgeline aims to grow market share and pickup king Ford prepares to return its Ranger to the US market within the next few years.

It is unclear if Nissan's development plans will impact Mercedes-Benz' distribution plans for the X-Class, underpinned by the Navara platform. The German automaker so far has denied speculation that the upscale truck will make its way to US showrooms.

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