Japan gets a Nissan GT-R police car

There\'s a new Godzilla in town.

Japan's Tochigi Prefecture police department has received the country's first Nissan GT-R police car. The newly minted pursuit vehicle promises to strike fear into the hearts of speeders with its 565-horsepower twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel-drive prowess.

At a ceremony Friday, a Nissan executive turned the car over to a Tochigi Prefecture official, marked by a large novelty key. As it happens, however, the GT-R does not use an actual key to start. The car was donated to by Nissan to mark the 50th anniversary of the automaker's Tochigi factory. Located northeast of Tokyo, the Kaminokawa, Tochigi plant is where Nissan builds the GT-R.

The car is finished in Japan's standard white-on-black police two-tone. A light bar has been added to the roof, and LED flashers are hidden in the grille. The black lower half looks especially good matched with the black 20-inch Rays wheels that come standard with the GT-R.

In addition to patrolling Tochigi's expressways, the GT-R will also be used in community outreach and to promote interest in cars among children. It seems, however, that kids aren't the only ones thrilled at the new ride. As Masaki Tanaka, commander of the expressway patrol unit, said, "Members of the patrol unit were excited to hear that the GT-R is joining the fleet."

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