Nissan calls next GT-R "fastest super sports car in the world"

The next-generation model is about five years away.

The Nissan GT-R is above the uncertainty surrounding the coupe segment. Officials have confirmed the next-generation model is already in the works, and one of the brand's top executives has called the model "the fastest super sports car in the world."

British magazine Autocar learned the next-generation GT-R will ride on a brand-new platform. It could receive some form of electrification but engineers haven't decided how much of it to include. We can't imagine it will land as a battery-electric vehicle, however, so expect to see a plug-in hybrid powertrain as the most extreme form of electrification. The possibility of ditching electrification altogether remains on the table, too.

"Whether we go to a lot of electrification or none at all, we can achieve a lot power-wise. But, we are definitely making a new platform and our goal is clear: GT-R has to be the quickest car of its kind. It has to own the track. And it has to play the advanced technology game; but that doesn't mean it has to be electric," explained Nissan design head Alfonso Albaisa on the sidelines of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

He added the design process won't shift into high gear until engineers finish the platform and figure out how to power it. He already confirmed the model will not share styling cues with the GT-R50 concept (pictured) Nissan and Italdesign introduced a few weeks ago because the model needs to stand on its own.

"The challenge is on the engineer, to be honest. We will do our jobs when the time comes to make the car something really special. But we're not even close to that yet," Albaisa told Autocar.

His comments suggest we won't see the next-generation GT-R until the early 2020s.

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