Nissan promises concept to preview next GT-R

The flagship performance coupe is not expected to be replaced until the next decade.

Nissan has promised to preview the next-generation GT-R with a new concept car.

Speaking at an event in India, the company's senior VP of global design, Alfonso Albaisa, promised that the next GT-R will not take inspiration from the limited-edition Italdesign GT-R50 concept that appeared earlier this year.

"The GT-R50 is not the next GT-R," he said, as quoted by IndianAutosBlog. "It's a celebration about the people behind GTR. They are really not concept cars, they are collector cars."

Recent reports suggest executives are referring to the next flagship coupe as "the fastest super sports car in the world." It will ride upon an entirely new platform, perhaps with some level of electrification to increase performance.

Engineers are currently working out the details on the platform and powertrain before the design process moves to the next stage. Albaisa recently cautioned "we're not even close to that yet."

The new GT-R is not expected to be ready until the early 2020s. In the meantime, the company will likely squeeze a few more special editions out of the current generation.

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