Nissan made a Leaf convertible

The open top EV is a one-off to commemorate 100,000 in Leaf sales in Japan.

Nissan has unveiled a convertible version of its Leaf electric vehicle. Sadly, it is not a production vehicle, but a one-off custom to mark a sales milestone of the regular (fixed roof) Nissan Leaf.

Officially called the Nissan Leaf Open Car, the topless EV was displayed at a Tokyo forum organized around ideas for a "zero-emission society." Approximately 100 government officials and Nissan executives were in attendance.

Nissan has sold just over 100,000 Leafs in Japan since the EV went on sale in 2010. "100,000 Nissan Leafs is just the beginning," remarked Daniele Schillaci on the occasion, Nissan executive vice president. "Nissan LEAF drivers are incredibly loyal, and many will make their next vehicle purchase an EV also."

There are no plans for production, but the bespoke Leaf will likely be used for marketing, possibly as a parade vehicle. In Japan, it is typical of automakers to chop to roofs off of the latest production cars to use in parades or as dugout vehicles at sporting events. The wind resistance created by the lack of a roof would likely reduce its 151-mile range somewhat.

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