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Study predicts 54 million autonomous cars by 2035

by Ben Hsu

Nearly all cars on the road could be self-driven by 2050.

An automotive trends research firm is predicting a rapid rise in self-driving vehicles in the coming years, culminating in the near complete takeover of autonomous cars worldwide by 2050.

The shift will be exponential, according to the firm, IHS Automotive and an article in the Detroit News. Its study, titled ""Emerging Technologies: Autonomous Cars — Not If, But When,” the predicted timeline is as follows:

Nissan has already promised that it will begin selling autonomous cars in 2020 and has already shown the press a self-driving Leaf electric vehicle. Google has also tested self-driving cars extensively, logging 500,000 miles. GM, on the other hand, says that the technology will not be available in the foreseeable future.

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