Nissan recalls 2016 Maxima over fuel leaks

A manufacturing deficiency may have left some fuel sending units improperly attached to the fuel tank, potentially allowing gasoline to leak.

Nissan has issued a recall for the 2016 Maxima to resolve concerns over potential fuel leaks.

Explaining the recent mysterious sales halt, Nissan initiated a dealer hold after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notified the company of a fuel leak following a crash test.

A subsequent investigation determined that the fuel sending unit may not have been properly installed to the fuel tank. A displaced o-ring resulted in a seal failure, allowing fuel to leak from the attachment point.

"If fuel leaks from between the fuel sending unit and the tank, it may increase the risk of a fire in the event of a crash," the company notes in the recall documents.

Timing for implementing a fix remains unclear, as Nissan has not yet developed a final remedy for the defect.

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