Report: Nissan to launch Ariya-based production EV in 2021

The production model could be revealed as early as next year.

Nissan is reportedly planning to add an all-electric crossover to its lineup within two years.

The company unveiled the futuristic IMx concept in 2017, followed by the Ariya this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The latter is clearly much closer to market, ditching the mirrorless design and adopting a more traditional crossover profile.
Automotive News now says an Ariya-based model is scheduled to begin rolling off the assembly line in 2021. The company is already testing a new electric all-wheel-drive system, placing a 215-horsepower electric motor at each axle.
Nissan dealers were reportedly shown a presentation pointing to a range of at least 300 miles and a zero-to-60 mph benchmark of less than five seconds. The company is expected to reveal the production model sometime next year.
Automakers are currently rushing to launch electric crossovers, which could prove the most popular body style in the segment. Tesla expects its Model Y to outsell the Model 3, S and X combined, with the first units aiming to arrive in customer hands late next year. Nissan may be forced to play catch-up after squandering its lead a decade after the Leaf arrived on the market.

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