Nissan Ariya was nearly an Infiniti

The company reportedly decided to place the EV under the Nissan brand after Infiniti was pulled from Europe.

Nissan reportedly considered presenting its Ariya as an Infiniti model before deciding to launch the electric crossover under its mainstream brand.

An Infiniti badge may have been viewed as a better fit for the Ariya's expected price range of 50,000 euros to 70,000 euros in Europe (~$55,000 to $78,000 USD), as reported by Automotive News Europe.

Perhaps more importantly, the move would have conflicted with Nissan's decision to completely pull the Infiniti brand from the Western European market where EVs will be particularly important to meet ever-tighter emissions regulations.

Nissan has been criticized for squandering its lead in electric vehicles after selling the Leaf essentially unchallenged for nearly a decade. The Ariya will land in an entirely new market with numerous rivals including the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID.4 and Mazda MX-30.

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