Nissan's 'e-4orce' electric AWD tech promises to deliver sports-car handling

The system reduces pitch and dive during acceleration and braking.

Nissan has detailed a new twin-motor all-wheel-drive technology, known as e-4orce, that will be featured in the company's upcoming electric vehicles.

Employing knowledge gained from the GT-R's Atessa E-TS torque-split system and Patrol's intelligent 4x4 drivetrain, the electric AWD tech is claimed to deliver handling "on par" with premium sports cars. Torque is delivered instantly to all four wheels, managed via "ultra high precision" motors to keep the vehicle centered on the driver's intended line.

Balancing regenerative braking between the front and rear motors is said to help reduce dive during braking. The technology is further claimed to improve handling on slipper surfaces, even for novice drivers.

It is too early to tell how Nissan's e-4orce tech stacks up against similar dual-motor electric AWD systems, a common feature among the flood of long-range EVs due to hit the market in the next few years. The production version of the Nissan Ariya -- rumored to be slated for 2021 -- could be Nissan's first model to feature e-4orce, powered by dual 215-horsepower electric motors.

Some automakers are planning to add even more motors to further improve handling, including Tesla's tri-motor Cybertruck and Rivian's quad-motor R1T and R1S.

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