Nissan exec hints at electric Z and GT-R

The challenge is balancing regulations and the driving experience.

The Z and GT-R are among the most revered nameplates from Nissan, if not in all of auto-dom. Both, however, are in generations that have lasted a decade or so with no hints from the company about their futures. So, whenever a top Nissan executive whispers a phrase about either model, enthusiasts take notice.

The most recent utterance comes from Chief Planning Officer, Philippe Klein, who told Top Gear that the company is pondering the next step for both the Z and GT-R. Klein says that while performance cars are "under the gun of regulations,” that the company doesn't want to let go of these cars so easily. "The emotion is still there, for us and for our customers,” Klein said.

Klein then hinted that Nissan is considering an electrified option for both vehicles. "I don't know how much experience you have with EVs, but they are very fun to drive,” he told Top Gear, alluding to the accelerative abilities and low center of gravity inherent in electric cars.

"The driving experience is very high on our priority list,” Klein reassured, adding that the challenge is how to maintain that experience while conforming to regulations is a challenge.

If any company has the ability to do that, though, it's Nissan, who, in their alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi comprises one of the largest car companies in the world. If carmakers like Honda, BMW, and Mazda can do it, so can Nissan.

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