Nissan offers Rocky Ridge off-road packages for Titan, Frontier, Armada

The customized vehicles are available through Nissan dealers with full financing.

Nissan has announced plans to offer customized Rocky Ridge packages for the Titan, Titan XD, Frontier and Armada.

The off-road upgrades will be sold via Nissan's dealer network, allowing buyers to use traditional financing options to cover the full cost of the vehicle and customization.

The company says that 39 percent of truck owners in the US accessorize or modify their vehicle, while the 'enthusiast' segment accounts for 49 percent of all pickup owners. Other automakers appear to be making plenty of cash selling factory-upgraded trucks, focusing both on luxury appointments and off-road enhancements.

All Rocky Ridge packages start with lifted suspension systems, ranging from 2.5 inches for the Armada and Frontier to 6.0 inches for Titan pickups. Other upgrades include unique wheels, off-road tires, interior components and custom fade paint.

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