Nissan reveals battery-powered ice cream van

Nissan reveals battery-powered ice cream van

The refrigeration equipment is powered by recycled batteries.

Nissan has built a one-off all-electric ice cream van to celebrate the UK's Clean Air Day.

The Japanese automaker partnered with Mackie's of Scotland, a creamery that powers its dairy farm via renewable wind and solar energy, for the zero-emissions "Sky to Scoop" concept.

Based on Nissan's e-NV200 electric commercial van, the concept uses recycled batteries rather than a diesel generator to keep the ice cream cold. Solar panels on the roof reduce the need to use grid power for recharging.

The Nissan Energy ROAM portable power pack is filled with lithium-ion cells that were recovered from early first-generation EVs, providing a modest 1.4kWh of energy storage. The system is scheduled to go on sale later this year.

"Most ice cream vans, particularly older models, have diesel engines which are kept running to operate the refrigeration equipment," Nissan says. "These motors are criticized for producing harmful emissions, including black carbon, when left idling."