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Nissan previews connected car technologies

by Ben Hsu

A demonstration will be unveiled at CES.

Nissan is getting ready to unveil a new connected-car technology. Dubbed Invisible to Visible, or I2v, the system promises a data-sharing cloud that allows cars to communicate with each other in real time to help ease many of the more annoying parts of driving.

By allowing cars to communicate with each other on the road, I2V can provide drivers data in a number of new ways. For example, it will allow drivers to have an idea of route conditions, even when weather is bad. Or, it can identify traffic and road hazards, directing cars to a different route. It claims to even alert drivers of cars pulling out of them around blind corners, and can identify open parking spaces in a crowded lot.

Data is pulled from sensors on cars equipped with I2V, merged in the "cloud,” and then used commonly among other cars. The sensors will take account of everything in the environment, including other cars, buildings, and pedestrians.

Information will be relayed "in an interactive, human-like way, such as through avatars that appear inside the car,” Nissan claims. Friends and family can also be projected as 3D, augmented reality avatars, so they can join you for the ride virtually. The system can even project the scenery of a sunny day while driving in the rain.

A demonstration of I2V will be available at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. In the meantime, this video identifies some of its capabilities.

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