Nissan recalls Pathfinder to fix brake light switch

The brake lights can remain illuminated, even when the brakes are not applied.

Nissan is preparing to fix nearly 80,000 2013-2014 Pathfinder SUVs to address a lighting glitch.

The brake-light switch may have been installed incorrectly, causing the relay to remain stuck in the 'on' position -- illuminating the brake lights -- even when the brakes are not applied.

The defect can cause confusion for other drivers and interfere with the brake-shift interlock, allowing the driver to exit the vehicle when the transmission is not in 'Park.'

"If the brake lights remain illuminated, other drivers may fail to stop when the vehicle actually brakes, increasing the risk of a crash," the recall documents warn. "If the driver exits the vehicle without the transmission in the "PARK" position, the vehicle may rollaway, increasing the risk of injury."

It is unclear if the defect has been associated with any accidents or injuries.

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