Porsche 928 to finally land next year?

A new rumor involving the Porsche 928 has surfaced.

Porsche's on-again, off-again 928 program appears to be back on, with a new report claiming the reborn grand tourer is being prepped for a 2020 debut.

For more than a decade we've heard rumors of an imminent return of the front-engined Porsche 928, but so far nothing has come of those reports. However, Autocar is now claiming that the modern-day 928 is not only a 'go', but just months away from production.

As with previous reports, the latest says Porsche will use the Panamera sedan as the basis for its front-engine, two-door GT car. Positioned as a sporty highway cruiser, the Panamera-based coupe will feature 2+2 seating and rival cars like the BMW 8 Series and Aston Martin Vantage.

According to Autocar, Porsche isn't planning to badge the coupe as a Panamera variant. It's not clear if Porsche is still considering the 928 nameplate for the car, but it would make sense. The original 928 -- produced from 1977 through 1995 -- used a front-engine, rear-drive layout like the Panamera.

Interestingly, the report also claims that Porsche is planning a convertible version of the two-door Panamera. Porsche never officially sold a convertible 928.

Powertrain offerings would likely mirror that of the Panamera sedan. That would mean a base six-cylinder engine and V8s for top end models. A plug-in hybrid, which enjoys a high take rate in the Panamera, is also likely be on the menu.

A reborn 928 is still far from a sure thing, but it sounds as if Porsche is at least keeping the idea on life support.

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