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Porsche working on 911 Speedster?

by Drew Johnson

Porsche might be planning to pay tribute the 550 Spyder with a new Speedster model.

Porsche is reportedly developing a Speedster version of the current 991-generation 911 to pay tribute to the company's iconic 550 Spyder.

According to Germany's Autobild, Porsche is moving forward with plans to build a Speedster version of the 911. The Speedster will offer the same open-air experience as the 911 convertible, but with a little more style. The Speedster will come equipped with an emergency roof, but it will be manually operated and intended only to provide temporary cover in case of a surprise downpour.

The report suggests that Porsche will produce just 550 units of the Speedster for the 2015 model year. No pricing information was revealed, but look for the Speedster's asking price to stretch well into the six-figure range.

Given its 2015 designation, we should see the Speedster debut at an auto show sometime during 2014.

Those that miss out on the Speedster will want to check out Porsche's latest 911 Turbo and Turbo S Cabriolets, which are scheduled to arrive in dealer showrooms next year.

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