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Porsche: 911 GT2 might not return

by Nat Shirley

Porsche isn\'t sure whether it will give its current 911 the ultra-high-performance GT2 treatment.

The tough-to-top performance of Porsche's blisteringly quick 911 Turbo S, as well as internal politics within the automaker, may prevent a new iteration of the range-topping GT2 from becoming a reality, 911 product manager August Achleitner has revealed.

"Right now all I can say is that a decision has not been made,” Achleitner stated in an interview with Car and Driver. "There are reasons inside the company, and to write today that there will be a GT2 in the future would not be correct.”

It isn't clear what forces within Porsche are arrayed against the GT2, but what is easy to understand is the difficulty of upstaging the Turbo S.

The GT2 has traditionally been an even more extreme version of the Turbo S that ditches the latter's AWD for RWD and adds extra power. With the latest Turbo S already producing 560 horsepower and hitting zero-to-60 mph in under three seconds, it would be tough for a comparatively traction-challenged RWD model to produce meaningfully better performance, at least in a straight line.

"If you take a look at today's Turbo S and the performance this car produces . . . you cut away the front-wheel drive for the GT2, but the car loses traction,” Achleitner said.

While a new GT2 might not see the light of day, Achleitner did hint that another intriguing 911 variant could be on the way in the form of a stripped-down RS version of the GT3.

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