Porsche considering two hybrid versions of next 911

Porsche is at least weighing the idea of a flagship 911 hybrid.

Porsche has already confirmed that it's planning a plug-in hybrid variant of its next-generation 911 — internally known as the 992 and due out in 2019 — but a new report suggests the German automaker is actually considering two different electrified version of the iconic sports car.

The first, and most likely, hybrid variant of the next 911 will be positioned alongside the normal Carrera. It'll use a turbocharged flat-six engine paired with an electric motor. The plug-in 911 will use Porsche's PDK gearbox, along with all-wheel drive. Total output should be around 450 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

The Carrera-equivalent 911 plug-in will be able to accelerate from 0-60 in less than four-seconds and hit a top speed of at least 180mph. But thanks to that plug-in system, it could be capable of returning 80mpg.

The hybrid system will come with a fairly significant weight penalty, however. It's estimated that the electric system, with all of its batteries and motors, could add 500 pounds to the 911's curb weight. Porsche insiders aren't overly concerned, however, as the lessons learned from the gas-electric 918 Spyder will help engineers to fine tune the 911 hybrid's handling.

The second proposed 911 hybrid model is more controversial and less certain. According to Auto Express, Porsche's top brass are currently debating whether the company should introduce a flagship 911 hybrid model that would be sold alongside the Turbo S. Unfortunately, no potential performance figures have been revealed at this time.

But some within the company are worried that going electric for a performance model could hurt the brand image of the 911. That said, it seems inevitable that the top-spec 911 will be going electric. By 2025 Porsche estimates that half of its global sales will be comprised of electrified vehicles.

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