Porsche's next-gen 911 travels globe for stress tests ahead of series production

Engineers first focus on chassis and engine tuning before moving on to other validation priorities.

Porsche has released another photo gallery for the next-generation 911, highlighting prototype testing in various conditions.

The company says it first focuses on its core areas of expertise, refining chassis and engine tuning to balance performance and everyday drivability. Teams later worked on function and stress tests for the new cockpit technology before sending a fleet of cars around the world for extreme conditions validation.

Like many other modern vehicles, the new 911 is sent to Death Valley or the Middle East to endure the world's hottest weather. In Finland, engineers take advantage of the arctic weather to run cold-start tests and fine tune handling on low-grip surfaces.

Finally, in China the new 911 has experienced "fuels whose qualities vary enormously." Overall, the prototype fleet is driven nearly two million miles before the series production cars begin rolling off the assembly line.

The first final production cars will begin arriving in EU showrooms early next year.

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