Spied: 2019 Porsche 911 strips naked

We get a camo-free look at the revamped Porsche 911.

The 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera has broken cover in Germany, revealing the styling of the eighth generation of Porsche's iconic two-seater.

As with most 911s, the 992-generation's styling is, shall we say, iterative rather than revolutionary. Side-by-side with the current "991.2," there are only a few changes, and they're relatively subtle.

The trunklid (remember, it's on the front here) is perhaps the most dramatic change here, and a nice throwback to classic 911 styling. The scalloped center portion also serves to accentuate the width of the 992's front fenders, giving it a more "pushed-out" stance.

Detailing on this mule--such as the aerodynamic finishes on the front and rear bumpers along with quad-outlet exhausts--leads us to believe that this is an S model. While Porsche has been teasing the new 911 for months now, we know little about the new GT's powertains.

One thing we have heard is that two electrified variants have been proposed, with at least one having been given the green light. However, it appears that we won't see either until the 992's mid-cycle overhaul.

Until then, we expect the current crop of engines to migrate over to the 992, likely with a little bit more power across the range, as it's unusual for Porsche to update a car without adding a bit more muscle. We expect only nominal improvements in horsepower and torque (perhaps between 15 and 25) on the base models.

Seeing as how the 992 is a completely new car from the ground up, we expect Porsche to realize additional weight savings thanks to improved manufacturing processes and expanded use of more exotic and lightweight materials.

The 2019 Porsche 911 is expected to make a formal debut later this year, with production starting before 2018 is out. Stay tuned.

Photos: Chris Doane Automotive

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