Porsche CEO praises Tesla, foresees 'turning point' in widespread EV adoption

The executive acknowledges that the Model 3 has outsold every other premium sedan in the US, proving that consumers are ready to embrace EVs.

Porsche CEO Klaus Zellmer has posted an op-ed outlining his optimistic forecast for electric-vehicle adoption, crediting Tesla for helping bring the automotive industry to a "turning point."

Posted on USA Today, the piece points out the disagreement among experts in predicting the near-term and long-term impact of electric vehicles. International Monetary Fund researchers believe EVs could dominate the industry in as little as 15 years, while Deloitte argues that consumers show little interest and automakers will be sitting on 14 million unsold EVs in the next decade.

" I see clear market indicators that American consumers are about to embrace EVs as their daily drive," Zellmer writes. "First, Tesla has proven there is significant demand for cars that combine sustainability with performance and design. Last year, the Model 3 outsold any other premium sedan in the US."

The executive also points to the quick expansion of charging infrastructure across the country, built by several companies including ChargePoint, EVgo, and Volkswagen Group-funded Electrify America.

Porsche has already reported strong demand for its first all-electric production car, the Taycan, which is scheduled to arrive on the market later this year.

"We already have enough interest to account for all the Taycans we expect to deliver in the US in the first year, through late 2020," Zellmer adds. "That's powerful, given that the final production model has yet to be unveiled."

The German performance marque is so optimistic about EVs that it has committed to transitioning its best-selling model, the Macan, to an all-electric platform within the next few years. To be clear, however, the automaker expects to continue building internal combustion engines and hybrids alongside EVs for at least the next decade.

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