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Porsche Classic debuts new security system for vintage models

by Drew Johnson

Porsche wants your vintage sports car to be protected from criminals.

Values for older Porsche models have absolutely sky rocketed over the last few years, making the sports cars an increasingly popular target for thieves. Keenly aware of this fact, Porsche Classic has developed a new state-of-the-art security system for vintage Porsche models.

Known as "Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System,” the system is essentially the same kind of GPS-based security system Porsche equips to its latest production models. The system consists of a hardware module that can be discretely installed in several different places around the vehicle. Porsche says the tracker even works in older vehicle with a 6-volt electrical system.

That GPS signal is then monitored by Porsche Classic. If a vehicle is believed to be stolen, Porsche Classic can contact the owner and track the vehicle's whereabouts in real time.

The system also has several baked-in security features. For example, if the system detects a thief is using a GPS jammer, it will automatically send out an alarm signal. Likewise, if a car thief attempts to disable the alarm by unhooking the battery, the system will automatically send out an alert to Porsche Classic. The GPS tracker also has a backup battery, so its location can be tracked even if there is no battery power from the car. To help insure the vehicle can be recovered after its theft, Porsche Classic has the ability to wireless disable a stolen vehicle's engine.

"In future, the new tracking system will allow us to offer our customers anti-theft functionality that will trigger an alarm for tracking the vehicle if someone tries to steal it. In an ideal scenario, this intervention will stop the vehicle from disappearing right from the outset,” said Alexander Fabig, Head of Porsche Classic.

So far the system is only available in Europe. Porsche Classic says the system can be installed in as little as one hour at a Porsche Center. The cost of the system is 1,000 euros, plus a monthly monitoring fee of 20 euros.

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