Porsche considers all-electric 718 Cayman

Executives have confirmed that such a platform could be shared with other brands.

The next-generation 718 Cayman may be the next Porsche model to go all-electric.

The company has already committed to switching its best-selling Macan to an EV platform when the current generation reaches the end of its life cycle.
Porsche deputy chairman Lutz Meschke now tells Auto Express that the 718 is the next logical choice, dismissing a 911 EV as "too difficult" in the near term.
"But for the 718 I think that it would be a very good step for the future and it would be on a completely new platform that we can discuss and share with other brands," he said.
The statement follows just weeks after Toyota Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada singled out Porsche as histop choice for collaborating on a revived MR2. Meschke's comments appear to corroborate LeftLane's speculation that a Toyota-Porsche partnership might involve an EV and the German automaker would likely be open to platform sharing for an electric 718 replacement.

The Cayman, Boxster and theoretical MR2 spiritual successor all occupy niche segments with low sales. Platform sharing can help establish a more viable business case for small sports cars, as demonstrated by the latest BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra.
For now, Porsche is riding high on stellar sales of its high-riding models. The Taycan kicks off the brand's electric future but is more akin to the Panamera than the 911. Meschke apparently acknowledges the risk of to Porsche's brand identity if it does not quickly launch a true electric sports car.
"A pure-electric sports car would not only be important for China but also Europe and USA markets, as sports cars are the heart of our brands and we cannot sit only on SUV cars," the executive said.
The company expects to make a final decision on the 718's future within the next 12 months.

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