Porsche confirms midrange Taycan set Nurburgring record, not the Turbo S

The company has not explained why it did not use the more powerful Turbo S.

The media buzz surrounding Porsche and Tesla's Nurburgring rivalry has taken another interest turn as the German automaker confirms that its record was set with the midrange Taycan Turbo, not the more powerful Turbo S.

First reported by Car and Driver, the admission has raised obvious questions about Porsche's motivation for not using the Turbo S. The magazine speculates that perhaps the company wanted to hold an ace up its sleeve by withholding the Turbo S time until Tesla made an attempt, or perhaps the Turbo S is simply not faster around the 'Ring than the midrange model.
Interestingly, the Turbo S is said to offer more power than the Turbo for only brief intervals of 2.5 seconds.
In any case, Porsche's move conveniently steals the thunder from Tesla if the Model S sets a new EV record. An unofficial observer recently claimed the Model S is nearly 20 seconds faster than the Taycan.

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