Porsche developing new supercar to rival Aston Martin Valkyrie, Tesla Roadster?

The car is expected to borrow technology from partner Rimac.

Porsche has hinted at an electric or hybrid supercar under development to succeed the 918 Spyder.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion attended by Australia's Motoring, Porsche's EV head, Stefan Weckbach, noted that the German performance marque always aims to have the "sportiest cars" in the segment.
"Well, all of those Porsche super and hypercars, they aim to be the best in the market at the time," he said. "This is the target for the next one as well."
Powered by a V12 hybrid powertrain with 1160 horsepower, the Valkyrie aims to take the crown as the fastest street-legal car when it enters production later this year. The upcoming Tesla Roadster may not be gunning for the overall speed record, but nonetheless intends to deliver a "hardcore smackdown" to gasoline cars, according to Elon Musk.
Weckbach did not explicitly confirm that Porsche's answer will come in the form of an all-electric vehicle, though he did acknowledge that the company's recent increased investment in electric supercar builder Rimac involves a "potential for future cooperation.
"Rival brands appear hesitant to build electric supercars until battery energy density improves to a level that brings an acceptable trade-off between range and weight. Weckbach admits that, for now, solid-state batteries won't be ready in time for the company's next hypercar.
Speculation points to 2025 as a potential launch window, with the 917 Concept (pictured) perhaps serving as styling inspiration.

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