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Porsche mulling all-electric sports car

by Ronan Glon

If launched, Porsche\'s EV will have a range of anywhere between 190 and 250 miles.

Porsche has confirmed it is seriously considering launching an all-electric sports car in the medium-term future.

"We're constantly developing EV technology," explained CEO Matthias Müller in an interview with German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport.

Müller did not specify which model will be the first to get the EV treatment, but the entry-level Boxster and Cayman models are likely candidates due to their size, price and weight.

If given the green light for production, Porsche's first modern electric vehicle not be offered with an optional gas-burning range extender because Müller believes a small engine needlessly adds weight. Instead, the executive explained the electric Porsche would need to use a battery pack big enough to provide a driving range of anywhere between 190 and 250 miles in order be deemed worthy of wearing the storied Porsche crest and justify its relatively high price.

Part of the Volkswagen empire, Porsche could glean EV technology from sister company Audi's e-tron program. The upcoming R8 e-tron will boast a range of 280 miles thanks to recent advances in battery and electric motor technology.

Müller did not provide a timeframe for when his company will decide if going all-electric is a wise business decision.

Boxster EThe automaker built three experimental electric Boxsters (pictured) three years ago and entered them in a pilot program that took place around its home town of Stuttgart, Germany. Each prototype was powered by two electric motors that sent a total of 240 horsepower and 398 lb-ft. of torque to all four wheels, enabling the Boxster to reach 62 mph from a stop in 5.3 seconds. Most of the drivetrain components were sourced from the Volkswagen parts bin.

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