Porsche Taycan does 0-90-0 mph run on aircraft carrier

The USS Hornet flight deck apparently wasn't long enough to try a 0-100-0 run.

Porsche has continued its Taycan promotional campaign with a 0-90-0 mph sprint on the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

The all-electric sedan launched to 90 mph and braked to a stop in just 10.17 seconds on the decommissioned ship, now a museum in Alameda, California.

The benchmark seems odd when compared against the more traditional 0-100-0 test runs. Porsche presumably worried that driver Shea Holbrook would run out of room on the 862-foot flight deck and plunge the EV into Alameda Harbor if she attempted to hit 100 mph.

The stunt follows the Taycan's lap around the Nurburgring, setting a new record for four-door all-electric sports cars.

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