Second-generation Porsche Macan could gain more body styles

The company is looking at a coupe and a more spacious variant.

Porsche previously announced the next-generation Macan will be exclusively offered with an electric powertrain. Four- and six-cylinder engines are out of the question, but the line-up could grow to include more body styles, the company confirmed.

"During the development of the model, we also look directly at possible body variants. The five-door SUV is the most important, but a coupe version or a variant with more space can also be interesting," said Michael Steiner, Porsche's board member for research and development, in an interview with Dutch website ZERauto.

The coupe model he alluded to would likely arrive as a four-door SUV with a fastback-like design, not as a proper two-door coupe. It could look like a smaller version of the Cayenne Coupe unveiled recently. The variant with additional space is more enigmatic; we expect it would be a long-wheelbase model developed largely for the Chinese market, but Steiner stopped short of providing additional details.

Interestingly, he also revealed Porsche will offer the electric Macan with several powertrain configurations.

"There are various variants of the electric Macan. We are still looking at the names, because of course an iconic name like Turbo does not suit an electric car," he said during the interview.

Porsche has time to figure out what to call the different variants, production of the next-generation Macan won't begin until the early 2020s. However, his comments suggest none of the firm's upcoming battery-powered models will wear a Turbo emblem. This contradicts an earlier report claiming the range-topping Taycan would be called Turbo, in line with Porsche's gasoline-powered range-toppers.

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