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Top spec Porsche Taycan EV to be called Turbo, cost $130,000

by Drew Johnson

The base Taycan will retail from around $90,000.

Despite a willingness to venture into new market segments, Porsche is a company that's largely stuck in its ways when it comes to naming structure. Case in point: the 911 range is pretty much all turbocharged at this point, but only the flagship model sports the Turbo name.

That staunch resistance to change when it comes to naming vehicles will apparently carryover to the company's upcoming Taycan EV model. According to a correspondence from Porsche, the flagship version of the all-electric sedan will be branded as 'Turbo.'

That news comes via a Tweet from The Drive's Alex Roy. Roy reached out to Porsche about purchasing a Taycan and received a very interesting response from a Porsche Global Brand Ambassador.

According to the Porsche rep, the Taycan will be offered in three different trim levels -- Taycan, Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo. Taycan and the four-wheel drive Taycan 4S make sense, but that last one is a bit of a surprise. The Taycan doesn't have an internal combustion engine, let alone a turbocharger, and yet Porsche will brand the top-end model as Turbo.

Applying the Turbo name to the all-electric Tyacan might not make much sense from a purely technical standpoint, but it could prove to be a brilliant marketing move. For decades Turbo has represented Porsche's top-end trim, so even though the Taycan is an all-new model, people will instantly understand where the Taycan Turbo fits into the range. Had Porsche gone with Taycan Zap, or some other name for the flagship model, it would have required a lot more explaining.

Moreover, Porsche has already proved that the Turbo name can maintain its appeal even when it's disconnected from the mechanical bits. Virtually all 911s are turbos these days, but the 911 Turbo still carries the same clout it did when it was the only turbocharged model in the range.

In addition to the Taycan's naming structure, the Porsche rep also disclosed Taycan pricing. The base model will retail for around $90,000, while the 4S will be priced in the "high $90,000.” The Porsche Taycan Turbo will set you back $130,000 before options.

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