Chicago: Ram introduces split tailgate for 1500 pickup

Ram is taking on GMC in the tailgate wars.

Not to be outdone by the GMC Sierra's multi-function tailgate, Ram has announced a new split tailgate option for its 1500 pickup truck.

Known as the Ram Multifunction Tailgate, the unit is essentially a standard tailgate split in a 60/40 fashion. The tailgate can still drop down as normal, but users can also lower a single side of the unit. The doors also swing open nearly 90 degrees, allowing easier access to the truck's bed.

"The Ram Multifunction Tailgate is intuitive to operate, and owners will find it immediately useful,” said Reid Bigland, Head of Ram Brand - FCA. "Combined with Ram's class-exclusive RamBox feature and new tailgate step, we're taking Ram's cargo management and storage to the next level.”

Even with the split design, the tailgate retains a 2,000 pound load rating. Ram says the split opening function can also be used when trailering, which further increases the design's usefulness.

The Ram Multifunction Tailgate will be available across the entire 1500 pickup truck lineup starting in the second quarter of 2019. The multi-function tailgate will carry a retail price of $995.

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