Botched welds prompt Ram 2500/3500 recall

The defect affects a small batch of just 64 vehicles in the US market.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has identified a defective weld in a few dozen Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks from the 2015 model year, including cab chassis builds.

The problem was spotted last year during vehicle inspections related to a separate recall. The initial campaign focused on a certain weld that holds the front suspension track bar frame bracket to the frame rail. The latest repair program addresses nearby welds at the interface between the bracket and the frame.

Subsequent tests conducted by FCA and a supplier resulted in failures, presumably caused by 'cold' welds that did not achieve sufficient material fusion. The root cause was traced to worn weld tips that inhibited proper penetration.

"If the bracket components separate from the frame, the vehicle may have a reduced response to steering input, increasing the risk of a crash," the recall documents warn.

Service technicians will install a new track bar frame bracket or replace the track bar frame. The campaign only affects 64 units in the US market, paling in comparison to the earlier recall that listed 149,500 vehicles.

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